Social Innovation Fellows

Class of 2010

Each year, PopTech selects 10-20 high potential change agents from around the world who are working on highly disruptive innovations in areas like healthcare, energy, development, climate, education, and civic engagement, among many others.

Watch the 2010 fellows give their presentations below.

Meet the Fellows

Brooke Betts Farrell

Brooke Betts Farrell: Waste as Treasure

Brooke Betts Farrell turns one company’s waste into another’s valuable resource

Raj Panjabi

Raj Panjabi: Post-Conflict Health

Rajesh Panjabi is creating a model for rebuilding rural health care in war torn countries

Yasser Ansari

Yasser Ansari:
Citizen Science

Yasser Ansari is creating a crowd-sourced “field guide for every organism.”

Nina Dudnik

Nina Dudnik:
Seeding Labs

Nina Dudnik gets developing world scientists the equipment … and connections … they need

Rush Bartlett

Lauren Abramson:
Better Justice

Lauren Abramson shows how to make restorative justice work

Laura Stachel

Laura Stachel:
Solar Saves Lives

Laura Stachel’s “solar suitcase” is saving the lives of mothers and infants.

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith:
Sewage Into Plastic

Ryan Smith’s Micromidas converts raw sewage into high-quality biodegradable plastics

Brian Elliot

Brian Elliot:
Friend Power

Brian Elliot unlocks the power of friendship to accelerate legal freedoms for LGBT people

Rush Bartlett

Rush Bartlett:
Safe Drug Delivery

Rush Bartlett is revolutionizing how people are immunized

Kel Sheppey

Kel Sheppey:
Fighting HIV/AIDS

Kel Sheppey’s Wild4Life has a new approach to stopping HIV/AIDS

Salinee Tavaranan

Salinee Tavaranan:

Salinee Tavaranan brings micro-hydro and micro-solar power to the remotest areas

Matthew Berg

Matthew Berg:
Mobiles for Health

Matt Berg gets mobile healthcare tools to where they count

Leila Janah

Leila Janah:
Jobs Fight Poverty

Leila Janah fights poverty by putting people to work through creative outsourcing

Ben Lyon

Ben Lyon:
Mobile Microcredit

Ben Lyon is unlocking the power of mobile money through his platform, FrontlineSMS:Credit