National Geographic Photo Camp

National Geographic’s Photo Camp workshops provide students with a unique lens on the world while expanding their awareness of their communities and environment. With over 40 workshops since 2003, Photo Camp has touched the lives of young people from the busy urban centers of India, New York and Los Angeles to more to remote villages in Uganda, the Pine Ridge Reservation of South Dakota and the islands of the Maine coast.

Each Photo Camp workshop partners National Geographic photographers with groups of students who may not otherwise have the access or opportunity to explore the world through the lens of a camera. Through these lenses students begin to recognize the power their vision and their voices have to generate social awareness on a massive scale.

All images are part of the National Geographic Photo Camp archive.

Through the PopTech/National Geographic Photo Camp collaboration we hope to impel the students into value forming experiences. We aim to create opportunities that inspire curiosity and a sense of wonder while empowering the students to become the next generation of change makers.

Photo Camp Students Attending PopTech 2009

Eric French

High School Junior Erie French attends the Marco Antonio Firebaugh International Baccalaureate World School in Lynwood, California. As a student in the 2009 Ocean for Life Photo Camp program, Erie joined an international community of students working along with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administraion, to increase cross cultural understanding through the lenses of ocean science and media projects.



Abigail Campbell

Islander Abigail Campbell is a junior at the North Haven Community School in Maine. Abigail participated in the Maine Islands Photo Camp in October of 2008. Along with twenty students from North Haven and Vinalhaven islands, Abigail explored island life along with her community’s connection to nature and the environment.



Misra Walker is a high school senior from the Bronx. As a participant in the Bronx Photo Camp, Misra explored both the environmental challenges and innovations within her community. Misra works as a social and environmental activist in her community and has been recognized with the American Visions award for Scholastics in Art and Writing 2009 for her photography, and the Congressional Art Award representing the 16th District.



Chaz Thompson

High School senior Chaz Thompson has participated in both the 2008 and 2009 Pine Ridge Reservation Photo Camps. During the 2008 workshop, National Geographic photographers and editors worked with the group of Lakota youth as they learned to document their community at Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. During the 2009 workshop, Pine Ridge students used photography and writing to document their perspectives on the legend of the “Seventh Generation.”