Anand Giridharadas

PopTech 2011

Anand Giridharadas is an American-born writer whose first book, India Calling: An Intimate Portrait of a Nation’s Remaking, is a work of narrative nonfiction about his return to the India that his parents left. In the book, Giridharadas describes his trip to the land of his ancestors amid an unlikely economic boom. He brings to life the people and the dilemmas of India today, through the prism of his émigré family history and his childhood memories of India. Giridharadas introduces us to entrepreneurs, radicals, industrialists, and religious seekers, but, most of all, to Indian families. He shows how parents and children, husbands and wives, cousins and siblings are reinventing relationships, bending the meaning of Indianness, and enduring the pangs of the old birthing the new. Giridharadas currently writes the “Currents” column for The New York Times and its global edition, the International Herald Tribune.