Aydogan Ozcan

Science and Public Leadership Fellow 2010

Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering, UCLA

Aydogan Ozcan is developing a lensfree microscopy platform that can convert cellphones into microscopes. This technology has the potential to transform the delivery of medical services to the world’s poorest populations. Aydogan has won numerous awards for his significant contributions to lensfree on-chip imaging and diagnostics, including a Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Explorations Award, National Geographic Emerging Explorer Award, NSF CAREER Award, NIH Director’s New Innovator Award, IEEE Photonics Society’s Young Investigator Award and Vodafone Americas Foundation Wireless Innovation Award, and has received major press coverage from the New York Times, BBC News, CNN, the Science Channel and others. Through the innovation of photonics-based telemedicine technologies, Aydogan’s team is shaping the next generation of smart global health systems.