A ‘Book Tune’ For Every Book

Editor’s note: Rapper Abdominal, who performed at PopTech in 2008, participated in the first ‘Book Tune’ released by Book Tune Records. Below is an edited excerpt from a longer piece, by Book Tune Records President, Jonathan Sauer.

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I’ve forgotten most of what I’ve read. And so have you. An audacious claim? I would venture to say it’s just an inevitable consequence of the human condition. If I were to ask you to glance across your bookshelves right now, taking in the many book titles you’ve read, and then, suddenly, if I were to present you with a pop quiz on the spot, asking that you recount for me, with any degree of detail and specificity, the contents of each of these books, you would presumably fail, abysmally. I know I would.

Book Tunes
Photography by Aaron Bird

This human inconvenience of forgetfulness is a function of what psychologists call the Curve of Forgetting, which basically holds that immediately after initial exposure to new knowledge we have a very high recall rate, but thereafter our knowledge gains dissipate at a very rapid rate within the first 24-48 hours, and then continue to dwindle to ever smaller levels over the next 30 days, until we retain only a tiny fraction of what was conveyed. Given more time, you might find that it’s as though you were never exposed to this new information at all, as though it was someone else who read this material, an imposter, not you at all. One day knowledge simply folded up its tent, and left town.

We’re getting back pennies on the dollar, for our time invested. So, the question naturally arises, “Can we do better? And, “If so, how?”

It turns out, we need not look far at all: music is the answer, the ‘song’ format specifically. What we propose is a ‘book tune’ (i.e. a companion song) for every major book, so we never again forget what we’ve read.

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