A great read--via QR codes?

Moby Dick in QR codes

Here’s a novel way to read Herman Melville’s Moby Dick: via QR codes. An initiative from Wonder-Tonic.com, Books2Barcodes has set the bar high for itself, explaining on its site that it hopes to convert all the world’s great books into QR codes. Why, you  ask, would you want to read Moby Dick, Pride and Prejudice, or Ulysses via 2D bar codes? The archivists, engineers, and library scientists working on this labor of love explain that although the manual process of converting text to QR codes is time-consuming, they’re doing this because it’ll be great fun to read these classics in 800-character snippets on your phone!

Actually, in a New Yorker piece from March 3, 2011, Mike Lacher, the man behind Books2Barcodes divulges:

I’m fascinated by things that are particularly stupid on the Internet,” Lacher said. “I’m curmudgeonly. I find QR codes inconvenient and enjoyed making the process of scanning them even less convenient.

So if you’re interesting in scanning thousands of barcodes the next time you’re ready to jump into a classic tome, give it a shot. For now, I’ll stick with my Kindle.

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