A New PopTech Fellows 2009 Video

We announced a call for nominations for the 2010 class of PopTech Social Innovation Fellows this week, so I edited a video to accompany the email announcement.

Typically during the PopTech conference I’m running around with the camera crew, missing all the edifying and moving moments taking place on stage, so I was excited to finally watch the 2009 Fellows’ videos in their entirety while pulling this short piece together.

Editing always involves a dance between what’s being said, where the camera was focused when the great moments took place, and how each piece fits with every other piece.

The best part of choosing the shots that wound up in the final version was realizing how many great moments happened on stage! To see all the footage, check out the full fellows’ talks.

I hope this inspires you to nominate and help us find the next class of Social Innovation Fellows!

What are your favorite moments from the Fellows’ presentations? Let us know in the comments.

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