Anne-Marie Slaughter on the globalization of problems and solutions

Foreign Policy's latest issue is focused on the theme, What will the world look like in 2025? In Anne-Marie Slaughter's (PopTech 2011) response, Problems Will Be Global -- and Solutions Will Be Too, she sees a world dominated by multilateralism and sub-U.N. state organizations. The countries that will fare best are those that will be able to do more with less.  Global statecraft and grand strategy will be a thing of the past as smaller non-state actors will take advantage of an unprecedented ability to self-organize around issues of importance. 

As the full consequences of genuinely global interconnectedness continue to make themselves felt, the world of both states and the societies they represent will have no choice but to adapt.

Ultimately, the potential for tremendous catastrophe will continue to grow until something monumentally terrible happens.  A global calamity might not be good news for individual humans but will most likely be beneficial for humanity.

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