Announcing PopTech 2010

Today, we are delighted to announce the theme of PopTech 2010: Brilliant Accidents, Necessary Failures, and Improbable Breakthroughs from October 20-3 in Camden, Maine.

(Request a registration here.)

PopTech 2010

From the announcement:

“In a complex and messy world, solutions to big challenges frequently follow unobvious paths to success. At PopTech 2010, join a network of visionary thinkers, leaders and doers in science, technology, business, design, social innovation, entrepreneurship, culture, education and the arts for a three-day, boundary-defying conversation about the nature of creative, technological and social change.”


- The Power of Failure: In areas as widespread as education, business and government, what has to die so that the right things might live?

- The Exponent Effect: Why do some ideas only work at a grand scale, and others only locally?

- Complex Interventions: How do we decide where to intervene in a complex system? How do we intervene in multiple places simultaneously?

- The Simplicity Instinct: How do we get to what’s essential?

- Strange Loops: How do we deal with feedback loops and unintended consequences created by our efforts?

- Architectures of Choice: How can small changes to our ‘default’ options lead to breakthroughs?

- The Heretic’s Path: Every visionary starts as a heretic. How do ideas – and their champions – move from the edge to the center?

- The Geography of Ideas: How does ‘cultural software’ – from our our media to the built environment – shape our thinking?

- The Art of the Mashup: What do radically different disciplines – and ways of thinking – have to teach each other?

We hope you will join us in October in Camden!

You can begin by requesting a registration and learn more about our participation grants.

Please let us know your questions in the comments below.

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