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Editor’s note: Wil Keenan heads up communications and technology at Global Citizen Year, an organization led by PopTech Social Innovation Fellow Abby Falik. Watch Abby’s PopTech talk to learn more.

Each year, Global Citizen Year (GCY) selects and trains a corps of HS grads and supports them in apprenticeships across Asia, Africa and Latin America during a bridge year before college. Our first corps of Fellows launched last fall and now we’re searching for our 2010 Fellows.

Do you know any high school seniors or educators who might be interested? Help us spread the word!

Since the 2009 Fellows left for Senegal and Guatemala last October, the Fellows Blog has been full of activity. Seven of the nine months in the GYC program are spent on the ground learning a language, engaging in complex issues in a host community, and serving as an apprentice at a social enterprise—facing tough personal challenges.

Michael Wilson (Fellow – Chapel Hill, NC) began his experience wondering whether the local Guatemalan water was safe to drink – months later he set out to follow the water from the community’s water source. Gaya Morris (Fellow – Hingham, MA) began her apprenticeship in Senegal wondering what she could possibly contribute to her host community, and, after working for weeks in the school, emerged with an idea to engage the other teachers in reviving the school’s dormant library.

To hear more from our Fellows in the field watch their broadcast and check out the Fellows Blog. We hope you’ll join us and please spread the word about applications for our Class of 2010!

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