April Fools' Day special: Your mind's playing tricks on you

Watch this video and keep a silent count of the passes made by the people wearing white shirts. But did you see the gorilla? Did you notice that one person left the frame midway through the video?  How about the fact that the curtain changed color? Yes, your mind is playing tricks on you. "When we're not paying attention to something, it can be as though we're blind to it,"  explained psychologist and neuroscientist Chris Chabris. To learn more about why our intuition fails us, watch his presentation at PopTech 2010.

For more mind trick videos appropriate for April Fools' Day, check out The Invisible Gorilla site. And for further details on illusions of memory, knowledge, and confidence, take a gander at The Invisible Gorilla: And Other Ways Our Intuitions Deceive Us, a book by Chris Chabris and his colleague Daniel Simon.

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