Arduino Art: Breathing Books, Twitching Dolls, Blinking Textiles

On Saturday night the Brooklyn hacker collective NYC Resistor (PopTech 2009 presenter on “smart content” Nick Bilton is a founding member), hosted a show on Arduino art and design curated by Alicia Gibb with breathing books, twitching dolls, and a marvelous blinking jacket.

An Arduino is a microcontroller (small computer) that can be used as a tool for artists and designers (for more, see Alicia’s February 2010 thesis on the subject).

The Saturday show was, in the words of NYC Resistor founding member (and PopTech interview subject) Bre Pettis “a landmark event in the history of mechanized and programmable art!”

Bre’s blog post has great background on the artists and designers in the show; some highlights from Saturday night are in the video below:

What are your favorite pieces of computing art? And congratulations to Alicia—

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