Bidding bribery adieu with ipaidabribe

Bribery is a rampant problem across India. But a number of people and projects are working to combat this corrupt behavior. In addition to Vijay Anand (PopTech 2010) and his Zero Rupee Note, a bill that looks like currency but allows citizens to refuse bribery without fear, we recently came across, which also seems like it’s being met with considerable success. The site explains:

You can report on the nature, number, pattern, types, location, frequency and values of actual corrupt acts on this website. Your reports will, perhaps for the first time, provide a snapshot of bribes occurring across your city. We will use them to argue for improving governance systems and procedures, tightening law enforcement and reRamanathangulation and thereby reduce the scope for corruption in obtaining services from the government.

Thus far nearly 10,000 bribe experiences and stories have been reported across 347 cities and 19 government departments in India on The duo behind the project, Ramesh and Swati Ramanathan, who are also founders of the Bangalore not-for-profit, Janaagraha, hope that the Indian government, ashamed by this widespread corruption, will be prompted to take action.

via BBC

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