Celebrate Earth Day with Imogen Heap

Stop by Imogen Heap's backyard garden (well, sort of...) this Earth Day, Sunday, April 22, for an intimate, live performance of her new song and video. She'll be performing with her musical gloves for this one. Following the performance, you'll be treated to the premiere of Love the Earth, a film she's been working on for some time with collaborator, Thomas Ermacora. On Heap's blog, she elaborates:

Leading up to the Heapsong6 performance (which will hopefully have a name by then) I will be guiding you through the process so far via a ‘making of’ video. You’ll see the making of before it’s made! I’ll be introducing you to all the people involved in Heapsong6. From cameramen to cyclists, designers to lighting specialists and all of ‘The Gloves’ team, with footage shot over the last few weeks.

...the team will then magically re-assemble the garden from film set to outdoor cinema and we’ll all sit down together, relax and watch our Love The Earth Film, (orchestrally scored by yours truly), after a brief recap and introduction from Thomas Ermacora and I, before saying goodbye and leaving you to watch The Love The Earth film.

To whet your appetite, watch Heap perform at PopTech in 2008 and 2010 and read more from PopTech about her Love the Earth film.

Image: Kris Krüg

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