Do you smell what I smell? Robot scents your social networks

smellable internet

Imagine you get an email from a long-lost relative and the sweet smell of roses permeates the air. Or that cute grad student you met at the bookstore tweets about you and for a second you smell cinnamon and leather - swoon. That electronics-meets-olfactory moment is just what a little white robot named Olly is out to create.

A simple white cube that connects to your computer, the USB-powered Olly has a removable compartment that holds your favorite scent, whether it be whiskey or lemondrops. Designed as a short-term project by Mint Digital's research team Foundry, the cubes are stackable and customizable. And the services Olly integrates with are potentially endless (he comes ready to program) so you're really only limited by how many scents you can tolerate at a sitting. Ready to Olly up? You can pre-order the finished model or use a 3-D printer and step-by-step instructions to build one yourself.     

The Foundry team was originally tasked to explore making something connected to the Internet that didn't live on the screen. Olly and his integration of scent and social networking is one giant sniff forward for the Internet of Things.

Image via Olly's website

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