Dowser on organizing for resilience: The Transition Towns Network

As PopTech focuses its attention on the theme of resilience this year, we'll be highlighting stories from on and off the web that exemplify many facets that define the field. Recently, we were drawn to the following post on Dowser by Rachel Signor, which we've excerpted here:

A while back, Dowser wrote about Bellingham, Washington, a town that is consciously developing its local economy in order to withstand the global recession. Across the world, communities are forming around principles of sustainable, locally-based living, with awareness that natural resources—like oil—are finite, and an understanding that sustainability is more than a choice in a grocery store; it’s a way of life.

Arguably, much of what goes on in the Transition Network is happening already, in cities everywhere: urban agriculture, crowdfunding, and other kinds of social enterprises are aligned with principles of resilience. But the Transition Network offers a support base, as well as a handbook to the Transition Town design model, a 12-step guide to organizing a community toward non-reliance on oil.

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