Energy shop talk: Science Fellow Jessika Trancik wants to pick up the pace

This week, we'll be highlighting a few people within the PopTech network who are working on the forefront of disruptive energy innovations, utilizing new technologies, models and scientific discoveries.

In 2011 Science Fellow Jessika Trancik's lab, they're hard at work to quicken the pace of energy solutions for transportation, heat, and electricity that won't emit the copious amounts of fossil fuel-based carbon dioxide, which have caused global climate change problems. Trancik explained in her PopTech talk that we have about 50 years to alter our energy consumption so we need to act with intelligent haste.

One method to mitigate climate change, which she described, was to combine low-tech materials with higher technological information processing methods. For example, her lab is developing solar cells based on raspberry juice and titanium dioxide, an ingredient commonly found in toothpaste.

By utilizing simple materials with advanced models, moving quickly, and tailoring technologies to the environmental context, we can develop clean tech solutions to meet the world's energy needs.  "We are working on trying to accelerate the development of these clean technologies using knowledge of materials and physics and environmental systems and combining that with computational models," concluded Trancik.

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