Fellows Friday: Recent Tweets We Have Seen and Favorited

Our group of 2008 and 2009 Social Innovation Fellows is incredibly active—and they often work together and link to each other’s work.

Some of our favorite tweets from them in the past few days are below; you can follow them on Twitter on the PopTech SI Fellows List.

Jason Aramburu of @re_char is tweeting from the NE Biochar Symposium today:

re_char tweet

Heather Fleming ( @heatherfleming) is attending the Aspen Design Summit this week (through tomorrow):

Heather Fleming tweet

Ken Banks ( @kiwanja) of @frontlinesms congratulated @Afrigadget (founded by 2008 Fellow Erik Hersman ( @whiteafrican)) and recently contributed to by 2009 Fellow Paula Kahumbu ( @paulakahumbu):

Afrigadget tweet

And we are beginning to see tweets from 2008 Fellow Abby Falik’s ( @abbyfalik) @GlobalCitizenYr Fellows blog:

Global Citizen Year tweet

Follow all the PopTech Social Innovation Fellows on their Twitter list and look for more updates on their work in coming weeks (all 2009 Fellows have their PopTech video presentation up now).

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