Fellows Friday: What They're Up To This Week

Our PopTech Social Innovation Fellows are a very busy group—here’s some of their recent news (nominations are open for next year’s class, please help us find the 2010 PopTech Fellows by nominating now):

Emily Pilloton of Project H Design has been eating pie (recap) from PieLab in Alabama,

Project H Road Show
Flickr image from Project H Design.

and the Design Revolution Road Show Airstream is on its way right now to Savannah, Georgia. You can help Project H Design win funding from the Pepsi Refresh project by voting for their rural North Carolina design program in the next two days.

Also in the running for funding, Jason Aramburu of re:char is a finalist in the Unreasonable Institute’s summer incubator program. You can fund his attendance through the Be Unreasonable site during the next 25 days.

Worth Noting

Hayat Sindi’s Diagnostics For All has been granted exclusive rights to microfluidic technologies developed in George Whitesides’ lab at Harvard Univeristy.

FrontlineSMS founder Ken Banks is on his way to the MENA Women’s Leadership and Technology Development Conference in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), that “aims to help women innovators from the MENA region take their causes/projects to the next level through social media and emerging online tools.”

At Thursday’s Greener Gadgets Conference in NY, Eben Bayer talked about Ecovative’s material that “can be molded into custom shapes…unlike some bioplastics, the material doesn’t require food crops.”

In Nairobi, PopTech friends at frog design are helping with the launch of the iHub, a social innovation coworking space that Erik Hersman and the Ushahidi team are launching with the Nairobi tech community in early March.

Applications are open for Abby Falik’s Global Citizen Year until May, the priority application deadline is March 15th. Find out more and see the video.

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