Following Pieter Hoff's efforts to combat desertification

We've been following the work of Pieter Hoff for some time now, along with his invention, the Groasis Waterboxx, a watering technology designed to grow trees in locations thought to be inhospitable. In fact, he first shared this invention and its potential impact with us at PopTech 2010.

During the conference, we spent some time with him one-on-one and made this candid video in which he explains how the Waterboxx works.

We followed up a handful of months later with an interview, On a mission with Pieter Hoff and his Groasis waterboxx, to learn more about how his relatively straight-forward contraption can bring an end to malnutrition, reduce erosion, and fight climate change.

So we were particularly excited to see this excellent piece entitled The Great Oasis (subscription required to read the entire article) in The New Yorker last week by PopTech friend Burkhard Bilger about efforts across the globe to reverse deforestation and desertification. In this thorough article, Bilger followed a few key players in the field of agroforestry to Oman and Burkino Faso, explored re-greening initiatives in Africa, and provided an historical overview of the Great Green Wall, a project involving 11 African countries planning to plant millions of trees to prevent the spread of the Sahara. On PopTech's recommendation, he spent time with Pieter Hoff in Oman to see first-hand what role the Waterboxx may play in replanting lost forests in some of the driest places on Earth.

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