Friday round-up: Highlights, snapshots & quotable moments

Today we heard from an Egyptian human rights activist who demonstrated in Tahrir Square, a strategic adviser to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a social psychologist who studies the power of body language and two researchers developing bioacoustic technologies.  

Here’s what showed up on Twitter and Flickr, caused a stir in the audience and had our staffers whispering backstage. Is your favorite moment missing? Add it to the mix!

Hayat Sindi: PopTech Science and Social Innovation Fellow announced the launch of a new NGO, the Institute for Imagination and Ingenuity, dedicated to engaging the hearts and minds of young people throughout the Middle East.  "I meet young people with great ideas, but without resources, encouragement, or access to realize their dreams. I want to inspire our youth to innovate and to bring their dreams to reality."

We've disconnected the right and left sides of our brain and we're not allowing innovation to drive the national forward.
-- Capt. Wayne Porter, former strategic adviser to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and co-author of the groundbreaking article “A National Strategic Narrative.”

Saman Arbibi and Kambiz Hosseini: Their Persian-language TV program, Parazit, on Voice of America started as a 10-minute pilot three years ago and has become an international phenomenon, drawing more than 700,000 followers in Iran. They transform material provided by people on the street, juxtaposing humor against the injustices unfolding in that country today. 

Expand without dominating or without complimenting.
-- Social psychologist Amy Cuddy on the body language that will help you land the job at your next interview.

Anne-Marie Slaughter: The first female director of Policy Planning for the United States Department of State discussed her “Lego Model” of foreign policy, in which coalitions are formed not by states but by various social actors -- government, industry and so on. " A networked world of social actors provides a model that is much more resilient when bad things happen." 

We're swimming in data. Ninety percent of the data that exists today was created in the past two years.
-- Robert Kirkpatrick, director, UN Global Pulse, on harnessing the power of open data.

Red Teaming: The Art of Challenging Assumptions: Ellyn Ogden, a coordinator of the fight against polio for USAID, described the motivating power of envisioning failure. She is harnessing the "Red Teaming" techniques developed by the US military to plan the subtler, more complex strategies she believes are necessary to eliminate every last, elusive case of the disease. “There are 444 cases of polio left in the world as of last week. We have room for hope that we are going to eradicate [the disease] quickly."

Image: Kris Krug

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