Frieder Weiss on Light Design, Creative Process, and Breaking Flatness

This year at PopTech, choreographer Gideon Obarzanek, who directs Chunky Move (an Australian dance company) spoke about designing movements for dancers that play with light.

To play with light, his Chunky Move dancers interact with software designed by Frieder Weiss, an “engineer in the arts.”

Frieder is in New York this week with Chunky Move for their “Mortal Engine” run at BAM (performances until Saturday, details below).

He talked yesterday afternoon about his EyeCon software (released for use), the unreleased Kalypso program used in “Mortal Engine,” how his lighting is live, why sound can be less accessible than light, and the frozen project he is working on next:

For more of Frieder’s thoughts on how to explore visual planes, he is speaking tonight at 6 pm at Harvestworks, and then with Gideon and the Chunky Move dancers tonight at BAM after the performance.

You can buy tickets to Chunky Move at BAM, tonight through Saturday.

And here is Gideon Obarzanek’s 2009 PopTech talk:

Questions for Frieder? Leave a comment below.

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