Goldacre, Smith, and Abramson school us on science fails, short form storytelling and conflict resolution

As we head into the new year, we’ve just released talks from a motley assortment of folks who spoke at PopTech in 2010. Although they cover an array of topics from science to storytelling to conflict resolution, the talks’ overarching theme centers on a willingness to tilt our heads, squint our eyes, and reframe our assumptions about the way we engage in the world.

In his rapid fire talk, Ben Goldacre gives us the low down on debunking fuzzy science. From fishy studies about a fish oil remedy to improve children’s behavior to false claims about the healing power of vitamins to cure HIV, Goldacre digs deep into scientific claims to uncover the truth.

With his Six-Word Memoir Project, Larry Smith captures the “the chicken’s eye view – the little guy pecking at the world trying to make sense of it.” Stories of a mere six words from religious groups, veterans associations, suicide prevention organizations, schools, speed-dating events, and pretty much anywhere else you can imagine are submitted to and published on Smith Magazine. This framework gives anyone an opportunity to voice quite a bit with not too much.

Check out the video compilation of six-word tidbits that Smith collected at the PopTech conference.

Lauren Abramson, PopTech 2010 Social Innovation Fellow, introduced her work with the Community Conferencing Center by sharing an anecdote about how a car theft in Baltimore was resolved. By shifting the emphasis from punishment to learning and accountability, Abramson believes society can reframe how it deals with crime and conflict.

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