Graham Hill and Brooke Betts Farrell get rid of stuff

At the PopTech conference, we had the opportunity to hear from two thoughtful speakers on their evolving relationship to stuff and the projects they’re working on to reduce the consumption of more stuff. Have a look at their PopTech talks to learn more about what they’re up to.

Treehugger founder Graham Hill announced a new project, Life Edited, a crowd-sourced challenge in which he’s seeking help designing his new pint-sized, 420 square foot, ultra-low-impact apartment in NYC. With $70,000 in prizes, Life Edited is trying to show that it’s possible “to save money, radically reduce environmental impact, and have a freer, less complicated life” by living in a smaller space.

Ideas can be submitted for the apartment’s very specific design requirements through January 10. Voting and feedback, which are an integral part of this process, will be accepted through January 17. Winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

From living space to industrial space, Brooke Betts Farrell wants us to rethink the value of garbage produced by corporations that’s not getting recycled. With RecycleMatch, the eBay of waste, she’s working to match companies that are tossing tons of trash with companies that’ll buy those materials and put them to good use. RecycleMatch repurposes previously landfill-destined goods (glass windows into counter tops, food waste into energy) and creates a more efficient eco-system, all while helping companies find new ways to generate income.

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