#ILoveArchitecture. Do you?

Heart made of buildings and bridges

We admit it: we kind of have hashtag fever. While the initial novelty of Twitter is wearing off (and as it has increasingly become a place for spambots and psychotrons), it's interesting to see how the tool usage is morphing and how it still very much has the power to do what all social media claims to do: bring people together.

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about the pro-scientist movement started by marine biologist Kevin Zelnio with his Twitter hashtag #IamScience. This time, fresh off of Valentine's day, we're checking out #ilovearchitecture. Conceived by Architecture for Humanity, the I Love Architecture movement encourages architects to "Put down the coffee for a moment and spend minutes reminding yourself why you love architecture and, if you feel so bold, let the world know. It could be a building you worked on, a client who made you think differently or a community you’ve helped to transform. It could be the work of a fellow practitioner or perhaps a great space that inspired you to become the person you are today."

Recognizing their contributions, PopTech has welcomed many architects to the stage over the years including 2011 Social Innovation Fellow Michael Murphy, RISD architecture professor Kyna Leski, and Architecture for Humanity project partner Neema Mgana.  

So how can we let architects know that we love them? The I Love Architecture site suggests a number of ways such as writing a love letter to a favorite architect or building (which they'll help deliver), making a Spotify playlist for architects (like this one called Design Like You Give a Damn 2 by Architecture for Humanity's CEO Cameron Sinclair), and uploading videos to YouTube or Vimeo professing your love for a specific building or the person(s) who made them.

If you are an architect or an architecture fan who wants to help support the cause, sign up by emailing Kristen Schlott, Architecture for Humanity Project Ambassador and "Curatorial Cupid". It's sure to be a match made in heaven.

Image: Architecture for Humanity

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