Image-wise: PopTech portraits from Alphachimp's Perrin Ireland

PopTech friend Perrin Ireland of Alphachimp Studios sketched portraits of PopTech 2011 speakers and Fellows in action, and we've compiled these pieces into a slideshow for your viewing pleasure. You may get a sense of the talks' topics from the illustrations, but if they've piqued your interest and left you wanting more, we've conveniently included links to each of their stage talks as well.

  1. Shahidul Alam describes how he started a number of projects to bring photography to the people.
  2. Milenko Matanovic is a community builder and visual artist.
  3. Krista Donaldson runs D-Rev: Design Revolution, which creates state-of-the-art, user-centric products to empower the lives of people living on less than four dollars a day.
  4. Reuben Margolin creates large-scale kinetic sculptures that use pulleys and motors to create the complex movements and structures we see in nature.
  5. Adrien Treuille tackles scientific problems with games.
  6. Jan Chipchase, head of research for frog Design, talks about the process behind his company’s acclaimed work.
  7. Military strategists Col. Mark Mykleby (who presented with Captain Wayne Porter) presents highlights from their much-discussed paper, “A National Strategic Narrative.”
  8. Iain Couzin studies how animals coordinate behavior.
  9. Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson describes Iceland’s social and democratic upheaval and their path to resilience.
  10. Paul Needham's organization, Simba Networks, makes solar energy available to the poor by using a pay-as-you-go pricing structure that eventually leads to electricity ownership.
  11. Michael Murphy uses architectural solutions to make people healthier.
  12. Katherine Kuchenbecker designs haptic interfaces, virtual objects and distant environments that feel real to the human touch.
  13. Jonathan Rothberg’s invention ushered in the era of personal genetics and today his technology is used in laboratories and medical centers all over the world.
  14. Erik Hersman explains how Africa has some of the world’s fastest growing economies where innovation and entrepreneurship are exploding.
  15. Anne-Marie Slaughter shares her insights on the transformation of state and non-state actors.
  16. Thomas Thwaites reverse engineered a simple seven dollar toaster into 400 separate parts and then set about recreating it entirely from scratch.
  17. Unity Dow, a lawyer, high court justice in Botswana, and novelist describes seismic generational shifts between pre- and post-independence Africans.
  18. Military strategists Captain Wayne Porter (who presented with Col. Mark Mykleby) presents highlights from their much-discussed paper, “A National Strategic Narrative."
  19. Saman Arbabi (who presented with co-host Kambiz Hosseini) started a satirical television show, Parazit, that uses use the power of satire combined with content from citizens on the street to expose injustices happening across Iran.
  20. Tony Orrico explores line and shape with his actual body, creating works of visual art that record his own motion.

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