Imogen Heap and Yasser Ansari reconnect with nature

Imogen Heap had two objectives when she took the PopTech stage last month. She introduced the audience to her newest initiative, a collaboration with social entrepreneur Thomas Ermacora entitled Love The Earth. The film and sound project combines crowd-sourced videos of nature with music scored by Heap herself. Heap hopes that capturing these images of the natural world for this project will renew each participant’s own sense of wonder about something we so often overlook.

Shifting gears, she then played a tune for the PopTech audience.

Yasser Ansari also thinks the key to reconnecting with the planet is reinvigorating that child-like wonder we used to have about the world around us. His organization, Project Noah (Networked Organisms and Habitats), is giving us the tools to make that happen. Through a mobile platform, users can upload images of their own encounters with nature, experience the wildlife around them with a location-based field guide, and participate in scientific research projects.

Ansari elaborates, “So whether it’s an oil spill in the Gulf coast, rain forest deforestation in Central America, or an invasive species, like a beetle here in Maine, our users are going to be on the front lines documenting those encounters in nature. Maybe down the road they’ll discover a new species or make a new discovery for science.” A new generation of citizen scientists has just been given its toolkit.

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