International Women's Day 2012

Today is the 40th anniversary of International Women's Day. Intended as a celebration and recognition of women's achievements and advancement, the day boasts special events, discussions and projects related to women's issues from around the globe.

Here are just a few of the events taking place today in honor of International Women's Day (check IWD's site for a more complete list). You can also follow the hashtag on Twitter at #IWD or #Women'sDay:

  • Care is sponsoring an online screening and discussion about the film "Pray the Devil Back to Hell", which tells the story of Liberian women who took on warlords to win back peace for their country. 
  • Iran180: Iran180, which describes itself as "a diverse coalition of people and organizations who have come together as a unified voice to demand a '180' by the Iranian government on its treatment of its citizens and its illicit nuclear program" is hosting a breakfast and panel in NYC in honor of International Women's Day. The panel, moderated by Anne Barnard of the New York Times, focuses on women's issues in Iran. Footage from the discussion will be available on their site post-event.
  • Makers: Makers is a video initiative by PBS and AOL that features stories of trailblazing women (a trailer from the video project is at the head of this post.) Past PopTech Social Innovation Fellow Heather Fleming of Catapult Design is featured in one of the videos talking about how she was inspired to design and build products that provide solutions for impoverished communities.   
  • Village Health Works: Village Health Works is a Burundian/American health clinic that promotes economic development for survivors of gender-based violence in rural East Africa. The organization is bringing its program members together to celebrate Women's Day with a community discussion and presentations on women's legal rights and the role of women in development. 
  • Vittana.orgThe education-focused microlending organization headed by former PopTech Social Innovation Fellow Kushal Chakrabarti is hoping to get sponsorship for 100 women in one day. They're hosting a Twitter chat about empowering women through education from 10am-11am PST using the hashtag #Vittana4Women.
  • Women Entrepreneurship Retreat: Founded by entrepreneur and architect Oscia Wilson, this conference takes place this weekend (March 9-11) in Monterey Bay, California. Says Wilson, "It's by and for women, with skills workshops led by the attendees themselves so we can learn from each other." Register here

If you are a woman working on something that's going to leave a positive mark on the world or know someone who is, nominate her (or yourself!) for our PopTech Social Innovation Fellows program (deadline April 3rd). And make sure to tell the women in your life thanks today for all they do.

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