Introducing Your PopTech Concierge, Keryn

The PopTech office in Camden, Maine hums with activity—-tall stacks of packages are being delivered, the phone rings constantly, friends and townspeople stop in to say hello—-all in preparation for PopTech 2009 starting this Wednesday.

The air is crisp, the leaves have turned, and we are now waiting for the PopTech participants to arrive.

leaves in Lincolnville, Maine

If you are attending PopTech this year, you have probably received an e-mail from Keryn Gottshalk, who works in the Camden office and serves as your concierge, making sure your registration is complete and answering all of your questions about the conference.

You may hear Keryn’s musical laugh before you see her ready smile, and she can help you find your way around Camden this week. (You can also find maps and directions on our site logistics page.)


All of us on staff are here to help you have a wonderful conference experience that leaves you changed, challenged, and invigorated.

We’ll be updating this blog and our Twitter account, @PopTech, before and during the conference. You can leave a question in the comments below, tweet it @PopTech, and attend a session on Wednesday afternoon especially designed for those attending PopTech for the first time.

If you would like to follow along from outside Camden, we will be streaming the conference live all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at and our conference tag is #poptech.

Safe travels; we look forward to seeing you soon!

Questions? Let us know in the comments.

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