Jer Thorp talks data visualizations and life lessons at Eyeo

This past June, artist and educator Jer Thorp organized the Eyeo Festival, a gathering of coders, data visualization pros, designers and artists. Today, his talk from the Festival, in which he focuses on two of his current projects, was posted online:

First: Project Cascade, a real-time analytic tool built to examine how New York Times content is shared through Twitter. Second: His work designing a name arrangement algorithm for the 9/11 Memorial in Manhattan. He also sprinkles in a few lessons learned from various projects and his latest work on the project.

For more context about his projects, PopTech interviewed Thorp about his work and his approach a couple of months before the Eyeo Festival. In addition, we spoke with The New York Times Company’s Research and Development Lab's Michael Zimbalist in May about the development of, a database of anonymous location records uploaded by users, which Thorp explains in his talk. And for an added bonus, enjoy a couple of posts from our coverage of the Eyeo Festival while it was taking place.

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