Mapping the population of the dead

Infograph mapping Earth's popluation since the dawn of man

Anyone who has budding paleontologists in her home like I have spends a great deal of time talking about bones: where they are buried, how they got there, what they belonged to. While dinosaurs are generally the topic of interest, it got me wondering about our human predecessors and the simple fact that there must be a lot of them.

A few days ago in my Twitter stream came a lovely and simple graphic from Jonathan Gosier, co-founder of metaLayer, Inc., a company whose aim is to "add context to the mobile and social web."

While Gosier himself says the math may be slightly imperfect (although he has made some tweaks to an earlier version based on input from some vocal and understandably more exacting mathematicians), it's an impressive way to sort the living from the dead, and to see where the twain do meet (click image for larger version). 

Image by Jon Gosier via Flickr

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