Meet the 2011 Science Fellows: Clifford Saron

We’ve just announced our second class of PopTech Science and Public Leadership Fellows, ten dynamic scientists who are spearheading research to change the world.

To learn more about this new crop of Fellows and their work, we posed one question to each of them: In one sentence, what impact do you hope to have through your work?

We’ll be highlighting one Fellow’s response per day for the next ten days. Stay tuned!

I hope that our work exploring the effects of meditation training on attention, emotion regulation, brain function and health-related physiology contributes to people's experience of the great expanse of their own minds and the rich choices present in everyday moments to enhance well-being and understand our mutual interdependence.

In my other area of focus, I hope that our work examining how children with autism spectrum disorders process sensory information can contribute to a greater understanding of how the world appears to them, fostering connections that are often lost.

-- Clfford Saron

Image: UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain

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