Meet your makers: Patagonia traces its clothing's origins

Getting some new duds in preparation for spring and summer's upcoming outdoor activities? Socially-conscious and environmentally-aware clothing maker Patagonia has updated its Footprint Chronicles project with an interactive map that allows you to track where and how your new windbreaker was made, and how it made the journey from where it was created to your particular corner of the world.

The Footprint Chronicles is a project the company launched in 2007 to both better inform the public about its supply chain and to help guide Patagonia in making better choices as a company. The newly-updated site now includes an interactive "Suppliers Map", which was inspired by their production team's old-fashioned, pushpin-laden world map. Click on any textile mill pin to read fact sheets about a particular supplier, or click on a factory pin to learn the basics about every place where Patagonia clothes are sewn. You can also view videos and slide shows about their key supply partners.

Patagonia Director of Environmental Strategy Jill Dumain says that when they originally launched the Footprint Chronicles project, the idea of corporate transparency made people nervous (especially the corporation). But now, she says, "Transparency is becoming an expectation." Watch the video as Dumain explains Patagonia's take on the new transparency and how they're empowering their customers to include social and environmental information in making purchasing decisions.   

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