New books out today from PopTech 2010 presenters Kathryn Schulz and Stephanie Coontz

A couple of PopTech 2010 presenters are making moves in the publishing world today. We’re celebrating their accomplishments with the release of these authors’ talks.

The paperback version of Kathryn Schulz’s Being Wrong just came out as a follow-up to the bestseller published in 2010. Through anecdotes and studies, which Schulz also shares during her PopTech talk, Being Wrong examines why it’s human nature to make mistakes, trust our gut reactions, and turn a blind eye to the error of our ways.

Stephanie Coontz’s latest book, A Strange Stirring, takes a historical look at Betty Friedan’s 1963 book, The Feminine Mystique, and examines how married women in the early 1960s came to the realization that their domestic life dissatisfaction was rooted in political and social inequality. In her PopTech talk, Coontz touches on that topic when she discusses the historical evolution of love and marriage from separate phenomena to intertwined conventions.

Lastly, 2010 Science Fellow and attention researcher Amishi Jha studies how we can train our brains to pay attention to the present even when we’re compelled to rewind and fast forward to thoughts of the past and future. Jha studies how using mindfulness techniques to remain in the moment functions as a significant stress reducer.

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