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Here are just a few updates we are excited about in the PopTech community in the last few weeks—follow our Twitter account (@poptech), Facebook page, and Delicious bookmarking account for more.

For PopTechers in the New York area, there’s a PopTech NYC meetup organized by Alex Ivey next Thursday, November 19th at 7pm: details and RSVP. Please join us if you’re in town.

Nick Bilton, who spoke at PopTech 2009 about multitasking and media, is joining the NYT “Bits” blog as a lead writer:

“Nick, who has worked for years on various technology projects at The Times, has been on leave to write a book about the future of media, technology and storytelling. He returns to us more passionate than ever about multimedia journalism, so expect to see some experiments here on Bits in the coming months.”

Linda Raftree is in Mozambique testing the FLAP bag (a PopTech collaborative project with Timbuk2 and Portable Light, FAQ here).

Here’s her first post on the reaction in Mozambique (and we’ll have more FLAP updates in a post next week):

“I asked, how much would it be worth to someone to be able to have light in the evening and to charge a phone? How much do people spend normally to charge a phone? “Well,” Badru explained, “you have to send your phone somewhere to get it charged, or you have to go pay 10 metacais a day (around $0.30), and then sit around and wait for it to charge up.” So you end up spending about 300 metacais a month to keep a phone charged here.”

2009 Fellow Eben Bayer’s company Ecovative Design “ecocradle” won the Opportunity Green OG25 competition and the “ecocradle” is featured as one of 100 top innovations in the December issue of Popular Science (look for the “mushroom styrofoam” header in the article).

Here’s Eben’s PopTech talk about bio-packaging (and all of the 2009 Fellows’ talks are up in our video section):

Great post from Peter Durand (@alphachimp) on 2009 speaker Jay Rogers of Local Motors to go with Peter’s drawing of the talk:

“We need to make cars that people deeply desire. We need to make cool cars, cars people really want. We don’t need incentives – we need cool cars.”

Alphachimp on Local Motors

More of Peter’s 2009 PopTech work on Flickr.

Other updates? Let us know in the comments.

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