Our guide to catching PopTech in whatever form you prefer from wherever you may be

PopTech is just about to get underway in Camden, Maine! This year’s theme, Brilliant Accidents, Necessary Failures, and Improbable Breakthroughs explores the many ways that mistakes, glitches, and silly approaches to solving big problems have led to positive and significant impact. If you’re not here to catch the conference in-person, there are a slew of other ways to keep tabs on the 80+ speakers, Social Innovation Fellows, and Science Fellows scheduled to present from October 20-23:

  • We’ll be live streaming the conference every day from 9 am–6 pm EST and you can find us on Facebook and Twitter here as well.
  • You can follow @poptech on Twitter with hashtags #poptech or #poptech2010 for 140-character speaker updates, news, and musings from PopTech’s online producer, Emily Qualey.
  • Four of us will be live blogging throughout the conference:  

    • Colleen Kaman, a media producer and researcher focused on cross-platform storytelling, technology, and social change, is currently a media consultant for PopTech.
    • Kiley Lambert is Senior Research Associate in PopTech’s Brooklyn office.
    • Michelle Riggen-Ransom is a writer who focuses on social media, technology, nature, and parenting who’s covering this conference for her third year. She’s also co-founder and Communications Director for BatchBlue Software, which makes online tools for small businesses.
    • And me!  I’ve just come on board as PopTech’s editor-in-chief after working in social innovation, culture, and fashion. I’m thrilled to be here for my first PopTech conference. 

Finally, in the spirit of this year’s theme, we also want to hear about your brilliant accidents, necessary failures, or improbable breakthroughs in exactly six words. Post your response to Twitter @poptech, with the hashtag #poptech6 at any time during the conference. You may also submit your Six Words for PopTech 2010 to anyone you see during the conference wearing a t-shirt with six words on it. PopTech speaker, Larry Smith, will be presenting on the history of the Six-Word Memoir project, and then sharing many of yours throughout the weekend.

Photo: Kris Krug

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