Pieter Hugo's Permanent Error

These images are of people and landscapes at an expansive dump of obsolete technology in Ghana. The area, on the outskirts of a slum known as Agbogbloshie, is referred to by local inhabitants as Sodom and Gomorrah, a vivid acknowledgment of the profound inhumanity of the place. When Hugo asked the inhabitants what they called the pit where the burning takes place, they repeatedly responded: 'For this place, we have no name'.

E-waste is a massive, and massively overlooked, problem. Pieter Hugo's stark photography forces us to confront the discrepancy between society's desire for the newest, flashiest gadgets and electronics and the lack of care and accountability about where they go to die.

As part of PopTech's ongoing effort to be a part of the solution and address this imbalance, we'll continue to bring these issues to the forefront through our Ecomaterials Labs.

Images: Pieter Hugo

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