PopTech 2009 Social Innovation Fellows Gather in Maine

Today is the first day all of the PopTech 2009 Social Innovation Fellows are together, and this afternoon, they introduced themselves, their work, and hopes for their organization to the group. After brief introductions of PopTech staff, Leetha Filderman and Ollie Wilder turned it over to Cheryl Heller and Mukara Meredith for the afternoon session:

the room at PopTech Fellows

Andrew Zolli talking with PopTech 2009 Social Innovation Fellows
PopTech Executive Director Andrew Zolli talking to 2009 Social Innvoation Fellows.

We’ll be blogging some images of the group over the next few days, and next week, each Fellow will present on the PopTech 2009: America Reimagined stage.

You can watch the stream live here starting Thursday.

You can also follow the 2009 Fellows as they tweet next week: Nigel Waller (n_w), Movirtu (movirtu), Emily Pilloton, Project H Design (ProjectHDesign), Josh Nesbit (joshnesbit), FrontlineSMS: Medic (SMSmedic, @HopePhones), Paula Kahumbu (paulakahumbu), Wildlife Direct (wildlifedirect), Taylor Stuckert and Mark Rembert, Energize Clinton County (energizecc), Jason Aramburu (jaramburu), Re-Char (re_char), Ory Okolloh (kenyanpundit), Ushahidi (ushahidi).

And you can follow the two 2008 Fellows in attendance, Abby Falik (abbyfalik), Global Citizen Year (globalcitizenyr) and Erik Hersman (whiteafrican, afrigadget), Ushahidi (ushahidi) who return as Teaching Fellows this year.

Note: Erik is also serving as the Fellows photographer, so images from him will be included in future posts; all images and video in this post are the author’s.

PopTech 2009 Social Innovation Fellows

Emily Pilloton of Project H Design
Emily Pilloton of Project H Design

Jason Aramburu explaining re:char
Jason Aramburu of re:char

Hayat Sindi explains Diagnostics For All
Hayat Sindi of Diagnostics For All

James O'Brien pointing to Eben Bayer's Ecovative Design mushrooms
James O’Brien of BCAM pointing to Eben Bayer’s Ecovative Design materials

sitting in circles at PopTech 2009 Fellows

And here’s a little of the incredible energy in the room:

More to come from Maine from the Fellows and their esteemed faculty as well as updates from PopTech HQ here in Camden as we count down to PopTech 2009—

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