The most, least, youngest, and first: PopTech 2011 superlatives!

It has been quite a year at PopTech - many firsts, mosts, leasts, and youngests graced the PopTech stage. So as 2011 draws to a closer, we wanted to bring to you our speaker superlative list from this past year's conference.

Least expected talk from two guys from the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Captain Wayne Porter and Col. Mark Mykleby: A Grand Strategy for the Nation

The youngest presenter to wow the PopTech audience with the Fibonacci sequence

Aidan Dwyer: Better Solar Designs

The most unusual way to use your body as a remote control

Desney Tan and Scott Saponas: Our Bodies as the Interface

The first head of state to take the PopTech stage

Ólafur Grímsson: Iceland Bounces Back

The best collaboration using kinetic sculpture and dance moves

Reuben Margolin and Gideon Obarzanek: A Meeting of the Minds

The most Wonder Woman-esque talk

Amy Cuddy: Power Poses

The most times the word TOASTER has ever been mentioned onstage

Thomas Thwaites: How I Built a Toaster

Favorite band to use an ass' jawbone as an instrument

David Wax Museum: Mexo-Americana Music

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