PopTech Reads: Connected (and a new video with James Fowler)

I met up with PopTech 2009 speaker James Fowler (video of his PopTech talk, his “Colbert Report” appearance) last weekend in Los Angeles to find out what’s happened since October with Connected, the book he co-authored with Nicholas Christakis, how the research is being used, and the danger of not thinking of ourselves as part of networks:

Convinced? Let’s find out if we can grow stronger as a PopTech network.

Join PopTech staff as we read Connected during the rest of February.

You can buy Connected on Better World Books or find an independent bookseller on Indie Bound and join discussion about the book on the Goodreads community site.

We’ll ask if you have questions about the book in early March and follow up with James. (If you have questions now, please leave them in the comments.)

Know a great book we should read together in 2010?
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