PopTech through your eyes

The dust from PopTech 2010 has settled and we’ve had a blast taking a peek at what the PopTech experience looked like through the lens of our community. Here are a few of our favorite PopTech 2010 shots that we’ve found on Flickr from and by you.

Get on the PopTech train with Aaron “tango” Tang.

Launching of PopStar during the Wednesday session with Colin Rich by participant Pete Foley. PopStar was a collaboration between Pacific Star and PopTech, hence the name and literal representation of a PopStar.

View from PopStar from Colin Rich.

Behind the scenes filming of our 2010 PopTech Intro made with love by m ss ng p eces and Dark Igloo.

loop.pH sculptures by Aaron “tango” Tang.

Did you take pictures at PopTech? Join our PopTech 2010 Flickr group and share the goods!

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