Quarantine Cooking: An Edible Banquet in Manhattan

The Landscapes of Quarantine exhibition at Manhattan’s Storefront for Art and Architecture, curated from the fall workshop series of the same name by FuturePlural’s Nicola Twilley and Geoff Manaugh, held two dinner events this past weekend on the theme of quarantine.

Storefront' title='Storefront

Six courses from food collective A Razor, A Shiny Knife, led by Michael Cirino,

A Razor, A Shiny Knife

made up a banquet exploring containment, separation, and gastronomic manipulation,

dessert spheres

with effervescent spirits,

effervescent vodka

petri dishes of roe, juniper, and Meyer lemon,

suspended roe

smoked fish jarringly served with visible smoke,

smoked fish

a ravioli with packets of sauce and an herb,

ravioli with sauce

fruit, bread, and cheese enrobed in wax,

wax fruit

and dessert of cocktail drinks solidified into spheres and spongy cake.

dessert cocktails

Dinner events like these help us examine how we incorporate food thoughtfully into our lives, disorienting our notions of proper and fine dining in order to redefine how we feed ourselves and others with experiences, new utensils, and a playful relationship with all things edible.

For the full menu and more images, please see this post; for more on PopTech and food, watch the PopTech 2009 stage presentations from noted food systems theorist Michael Pollan, hydroponic urban farmer Will Allen, and especially food designer Marije Vogelzang (who creates similarly themed food installations) as well as the video of The New York Times’s Perfume Critic Chandler Burr on his October 2009 PopTech “Scent Dinner.”

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