Recap of the PopTech Social Mapping Salon

Yesterday, PopTech convened a salon and workshop in Chicago on social mapping and social change.

During the day, workshop participants—including leading thinkers in mobile, geolocative services, social good, and philanthropy—discussed how their respective systems of organizing information and intervening in their local communities might fit together.

The day began at Google Chicago, where PopTech’s Executive Director Andrew Zolli and Executive Director of Ceasefire Gary Slutkin welcomed participants.

PopTech Social Mapping workshop

Filming took place for video that we will share with you in coming weeks.

PopTech Social Mapping workshop

The conversation spilled into breaks, lunch, and the late afternoon to talk strategies and behavioral modifications.

PopTech Social Mapping workshop

Peter Durand, who is a favorite part of every PopTech conference—he illustrates ideas from speakers on the stage—recorded all of the workshop presentations and salon talks graphically. He tells us why he wanted to be part of these discussions since last fall, and what he learned during the day:

PopTech Social Innovation Fellow Josh Nesbit, another workshop participant and the founder of Frontline SMS: Medic, told us what he thinks is important to remember in these conversations, and what he wants to learn more about:

In the evening, a salon convened at the beautiful Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts with speakers Ceasefire Executive Director Gary Slutkin, information designer Laura Kurgan, and Director of Crisis Mapping at Ushahidi Patrick Meier.

PopTech Social Mapping salon

The audience asked smart questions (this is Justin Massa of, and the panel talked about what they learned during the day from each other,

PopTech Social Mapping salon

and the conversation continued afterwards,

PopTech Social Mapping salon

with PopTech speaker alums and Social Innovation Fellows in attendance (here, PopTech Social Innovation Fellow Hayat Sindi speaking with PopTech’s Director of Fellows Leetha Filderman),

Hayat Sindi and Leetha Filderman

and we look forward to the next gathering of thinkers and leaders active in their communities, causing social change.

PopTech Social Mapping salon

Look for the speaker videos and more from this week in Chicago soon, and thank you to everyone who participated in yesterday’s vibrant discussions.

View graphic facilitation of the workshop and salon by Peter Durand of Alphachimp Studio Inc.

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