Saturday round-up: Highlights, snapshots and quotable moments

eL Seed painting

Today we met an eleven-year old boy wonder, heard from Botswana's first female high court judge, listened to the Earth through its auroras and earthquakes, and got the lowdown from the White House's new head of the Office of Social Innovation. The "original Batman" taught the crowd echolocation, a man drew circles with his body and two Pakastani friends harmonized about their homeland.

Here’s what was most tweeted, what seemed awesome in the Opera House, and what had our staffers IMing each other from the rafters. Is your favorite moment missing? Add it to the mix!

"Art can help us explore and make tangible instincts we can't yet put into words."
— artist Daisy Ginsberg

Monetary expert Bernard Lietaer took 20 minutes to reframe the entire world economy for the audience at PopTech. He describes a possible flowering of complementary, business-to-business or inter-communal currencies that will create a more diverse, resilient economy. “Resilience requires more than one medium of exchange.”

The future is brown, the future is gendered, the future is fair.
-- Human rights activist Unity Dow

Co-founder of Ushahidi, and senior PopTech fellow Erik Hersman talked about the explosion of technology in Africa, where now a majority of people have traded and transferred bank funds using their mobile phones. “Five out of the world's top ten fastest growing economies are in Africa. If you’re an entrepreneur, why would you be anywhere else?”

With a good hand clap, I can hear a building from hundreds of yards away.
Daniel Kish, blind since infancy, who has perfected the art of human echolocation

Tony Orrico subjects himself to hours of endless repetition of gestures to produce beautiful drawings that trace the whole history of his efforts: “You can think of me as a print-making machine, but I keep the master copy.”

Molecular structure ain't nothing but a thang.
-- Reggie Watts

It's been quite a ride these past four days. We're just glad the pink monster managed to stay on his Vespa.

pink monster on a bike

Images by Kris Krug and Thatcher Cook for PopTech

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