Say What? Contest Opens Today

Editor’s note: Deb Levine is a 2009 PopTech Social Innovation Fellow (watch her PopTech talk) working on innovative tech solutions to sex education and disease prevention.

My organization, ISIS, Inc., just launched an awesome contest with Funny Or Die, SayNow, and MTV (special thanks to Jason Rzepka, PopTech Board member who works on MTV’s A Thin Line campaign, for the help).

Say What?!?!? is a contest where youth aged 15-21 call (310) 736-6760 and record the craziest (or most awesome) stuff adults are telling them about sex.

Sex Advice from Adults from SayWhat Contest


Have teens you know enter – they can win a walk-on part in a Funny Or Die video. (Ask them, they’ll know it’s cool.) They can check it out at

The short story is that young people want their sex information and education from trusted adults, but because adults are kinda embarrassed about the topic, they may ad lib a bit and not provide accurate, relevant sex information to our youth.

Pass along the video above and the widget below:

Official contest rules at; winners announced February 12th and winning video premieres February 26th in San Francisco.

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