Science and Public Leadership Fellows debut at PopTech 2010

Part Kirk, part Spock, the inaugural class of Science and Public Leadership Fellows stand ready to present their new and improved, more publicly engaged, selves to a waiting world.

The class itself is a testament to PopTech’s commitment to searching high and low for the best and brightest.  From studying the way behavioral contagions spread through social networks to probing the link between Eastern meditation and cognitive neuroscience to creating data-driven networks for understanding modern warfare, these are thinkers at the cutting edge of research and discovery. 

The mission was to put these emerging achievers in the same room with a diverse and distinguished group of mentors in an effort to build a corps of highly visible and socially engaged scientific leaders who embody science as an essential way of thinking, discovering, understanding and deciding.

Over the course of the conference, these Fellows will present their work and share their insights into the workings of Science Fellows program.

This program would not be possible without PopTech’s partners and supporters, including Microsoft Research, Intel, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, National Geographic, National Science Foundation, Rita Allen Foundation, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and the New York Academy of Sciences.

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