Silja Ómarsdóttir on starting from scratch with Iceland's constitution

What better example of a country's democratic resiliency in the face of financial collapse than the move to toss its constitution and bring on a handful of citizens to rewrite it from scratch? University of Iceland political science professor Silja Ómarsdóttir was one of 25 people asked to revise Iceland’s most important document after the country’s financial meltdown in 2008.

In her PopTech Iceland talk, she explains how the citizens of Iceland reacted to the bank collapse (politely and when no action was taken, loudly) and the eventual response from the government, which included updating the country’s constitution. Ómarsdóttir details the constitution creation process and what it meant to overhaul the document, with considerable public input, in four months. She concluded her talk when she said wryly, “The next time I write a constitution, I would have a little bit of a break in between. By the time we finished, we were so saturated with our own ideas, we couldn’t see the forest for the trees.”

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