Six Words on "Brilliant Accidents, Necessary Failures, and Improbable Breakthroughs"

In the spirit of PopTech 2010, tell us your Brilliant Accidents, Necessary Failures, or Improbable Breakthroughs in exactly six words. Your response can be in the form of a personal story, your work, an aphorism, lesson learned, advice given or received, or some part of your life that was, however you define it, a brilliant accident, necessary failure, or improbable breakthrough.


The inevitable triumph of the nerds. —Craig Newmark
Yes, you can edit my biography —Jimmy Wales
Threw spaghetti at wall; some stuck. —Larry Smith
Life is one big editorial meeting. —Gloria Steinem
Never put bananas in your still-life. —Susan Winslow
Father: ‘Anything but journalism.’ I rebelled. —Malcolm Gladwell

Be as creative as you like—the only rule is that your story is just six words.

PopTech speaker, Larry Smith, will be presenting on the history of the Six-Word Memoir project, and then sharing many of yours throughout the weekend.

Post to Twitter @poptech, with the hashtag #poptech6, now, or at any time during the conference. You may also leave your submission in the comments area of this post, or hand your Six Words for PopTech 2010 to anyone you see during the conference wearing a T-shirt with six words on it.

Watch this brief (naturally) video for tips on how to write a Six-Word Memoir.

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