Speculative Futures

Futurology, the study of probable, desirable, imaginable and unimaginable futures is based on past and present day events and circumstances. As a practice, futurology (or Futures Studies) aggregates research to arrive at complex and purposeful views of the coming world. Sources as diverse as philosophy, economics, technology, criminology, and popular culture provide insight to futurologists. In the Bloomberg office, information is in a constant state of flux, flowing from what is tomorrow in London to what might be yesterday in Los Angeles. Given the fluid nature with which time and information is treated in this space, it easily can be interpreted as a futurological mothership for this exhibition.

Curated by Regine Basha and organized by the SculptureCenter, Speculative Futures features work by Julieta Aranda, Beth Campbell, Cao Fei and Ana Prvacki. It can be seen by appointment only onsite at the Bloomberg New York office through April 29, 2011. For more information on the exhibition, visit the SculptureCenter website.

Image: Cao Fei

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