Staff picks: How to plan your PopTech

The PopTech conference is just around the corner! In preparation for the big event, we asked PopTech staff who know the ropes how to make the most of your Camden experience:

  • Update your PopTech profile! This year's participant list is interactive and will be distributed before the conference, so take a moment to update your contact information. Sharing preferences in your PopTech profile will help you make the connections that matter most. Click to start the process. (Keryn Gottshalk, Participant Facilitator)
  • Enjoy Camden - grab a breakfast wrap at Boynton McKay, take the rocky route to the top of Mount Battie or mountain bike at the Camden Snowbowl. (Beth Cohen, Director of Media Production)
  • Connect with the people who you meet at the conference on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. soon after you meet - whether it's that night or the following day. Business cards can tend to go missing and this is a quick and easy way to avoid dropping the ball. (Becky Sennett, Marketing and Media Associate)
  • Ask a PopTech Fellow to tell you more about their work, and tell them about yours. Surprising and productive synergies come to light when conference participants connect with the Fellows. (Ollie Wilder, Program Manager, PopTech Accelerator)
  • Coordinate a ride to PopTech 2011 by connecting on Twitter using #PopTechCarpool or by visiting this Facebook thread. (Emily Spivack, Editor-in-Chief)

We look forward to seeing you there!

Image: Kris Krug for PopTech

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